Course information

General information

Dates of the upcoming retreats
• 2nd of November to and including the 16th november 2019
• 14th of March to and including the 28th of march 2020
Tradition and teachers
These Vipassana meditation retreats are in the line of the Buddhistic Theravada tradition, under the teaching of venerable Phra Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo, a highly respected monk and the highest ranking Vipassana Teacher in Thailand.
Phra Ajahn Ofer an English speaking monk will guide this retreat together with Carmen Karsters (Dutch).
Duration of the retreat
The introduction course is 14 days. If you have already completed this basic course, retreats are for 10-days.
This is a guided meditiation course. Meditators will recieve individual guidance daily.
The costs for the full retreat will be €500,- for a shared double room and for a single room it is € 700,- * (*if available).
The costs are for the full retreat (10-14 days) and include accommodation and two vegetarian meals a day (at 6.30 and 11.00).
For the teaching we follow the Buddhist tradition of Dana (generosity). Please also consider Dana for our kitchen staff who have given their time freely to prepare the meals for this retreat.
Noble silence
This is a silent retreat. Which means that, besides the daily reports with the teacher, you only speak when really necessary.
If you have any further questions or would like to register, please e-mail Carmen at: